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Qistina + Najib Reception Part #2

Qistina + Najib | Reception | Shah Alam | 28 November 2010

Fadza (The League) [0129183523/0132953800][rafidelic@yahoo.com]

Qistina + Najib Reception [Part #1]

Qistina + Najib | Reception | 28 November 2010 | Shah Alam

Fadza(of The League)

0129183523/0132953800 [rafidelic@yahoo.com]

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Qistina + Najib’s Solemnisation [Part #2]

Qistina + Najib | Solemnisation | Shah Alam | 27.11.2010

Fadza of The League (rafidelic@yahoo.com)[0129183523/0132953800]

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Qistina + Najib [Part #1]

Qistina + Najib | Shah Alam | Solemnisation | 27.11.2010

Fadza (The League)[0129183523/0132953800]

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Fadza, a name and photography.

Assalamualaikum and Good-day to those who are readin this post. My name is Mohd Fadza bin Ishak and I was born on April, 16 1985. I was born and raise in Kuala Lumpur, the city of light. I am a law degree holder and I was called to the Bar on October 29, 2010.

Im the middle child form 3 siblings and being the only guy out of three. Imagine that.

Yes i have a Law Degree and a Certificate of Practicing as and Advocate & Solicitor, but for now my passion is towards arts particularly photography. Been doing it since 2007 or so. I’ve covered photography from wedding to concerts.

Moments, is everything..but its not that easy being a human with emotion. Sometimes, what we capture is what we feel. As for know I am happy of the way I am. I am one of The League (www.theleague.com.my) which comprises of 8 photographers with vast experiences in photography and capturing what others can’t. I am the most inexperience out of the whole League.

Who am I? I am Fadza, from The League brothers.

Dont mind the hair, I need a hair cut I know(photographed by Daniel Ideris)

The League, first meeting

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Azara + Ikmal: Pre Wedding

Azara + Ikmal | Pre Wedding | Damansara | 16.11.2010

Fadza of The League [0129183523/0132953800]

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