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Bittersweet : Laundry Fest

Bittersweet : Laundry Fest | http://www.facebook.com/bittersweetband


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Bittersweet : Weekend Session

Bittersweet play for The Weekend Session [www.the-wknd.com] | TTDI


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Fadza of The League [0129183523/0132953800]

Ain + Roslan

Ain + Roslan | Johor | November 2010

Fadza [The League]



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Outdoor Photography Offer.

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Batu Caves with Designer from ANTI Sweden

Maryam (Bijou Bazaar) asked me to tag her along to take these two designer husband and wife from Norway to Batu Caves. The Husband is the designer for this company called ANTI in Norway and they are currently working on a jeans design back in Norway by the name of ANTI Sweden. Norway are well-known for their Black Metal music, so they seek to match the denim with the “typical” Norwegian teens. It was a good experience as both are very nice lads.

Towards the end we went to the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Jalan Ampang for him to settle few stuff relating to import stuff and tax rates. Oh, yeah, they listened to Khottal and Bittersweet song, they like it! Brit-rock!


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Bittersweet play for PUMA Archieve

Bittersweet | Milk’s Club, Bangsar | PUMA Archive Uncovered



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Aishah + Adzrul

Aishah + Adzrul | Bandar Tun Razak | 17 October 2010


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